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feeding wild birds

Relax By Feeding Wild Birds

April 16, 2016

Feeding wild birds has been an American pastime since the early days of our history. It dates back to the times of Henry David Thoreau and Emily Dickinson. It also provides the unique opportunity to enjoy nature’s beauty up close and personal. Feeding wild birds is also good for the environment. As it helps birds […]

keep bees off hummingbird feeders

How to Keep Bees Off Hummingbird Feeders

  Keep Bees Off Hummingbird Feeders   How to keep bees off hummingbird feeders? Bees and hummingbirds generally exist in the same ecosystem. This means that if you have hummingbirds that you put food out for, chances are that bees could be feeding more of that food as compared to your precious hummingbirds. Other flying […]