A Guide To Attracting Birds/Hummingbirds With Bird Baths

A Guide To Attracting BirdsHummingbirds With Bird Baths

Hummingbirds are little yet beautiful creatures that come in many colors. Because of this beauty and variety, many gardeners and nature lovers love attracting these birds to their garden. But, of course, the key to attracting hummingbirds is knowing what they like.

Hummingbirds love feeders, birdbaths, and much more. Here is your complete guide to understanding how to attract hummingbirds with birdbaths.

Pick A Bright Color

Pick A Bright Color

If you want to attract hummingbirds to a birdbath, you must choose a bright color that will instantly catch their eye. For example, the color red instantly catches the eyes of a hummingbird, and it denotes that there is a presence of nectar. That is why the brighter your birdbath is, the higher chances there are of hummingbirds visiting.

Another thing you must remember is that hummingbirds have high visual acuity. Because of this, they can see the UV spectrum, and they are drawn to warmer shades. So, choose such color to ensure that the hummingbirds in your region come to your birdbath in no time.

Keep It Shallow

Keep It Shallow

Classic and conventional birdbaths are too large and deep. But, on the other hand, hummingbirds are tiny birds, and they don't need such large and deep birdbaths. That is why if you are designing a birdbath for these birds, you must keep it shallow so they can get the most use out of it.

However, if you want to go for a standard birdbath, you can also add that to your garden. But, be sure to add some gravel or stones to the bottom so that you can create a shallow splashing area for the little hummingbirds. The stones will also ensure that the splashing area is less slippery.

Add Water Features

Add Water Features

If you want to make the little hummingbirds happy with your birdbath, then you must add various water features that will enhance the bath. Here are the top features you can add to the birdbath to make it worthwhile:


A fountain is one of the best features you can add to the birdbath. It tends to have shallow spots where the water pours over. These edges, ledges, and lips are the ideal place for hummingbirds to come to bathe or perch.


Adding a mister to your birdbath will also attract hummingbirds in no time. However, if you connect it to your birdbath, you must position it next to a plant with leaves. That is because it will enable the hummingbirds to rub their bodies against the wet plant leaves for bathing.

Besides that, the misters' noise will also attract many hummingbirds to your area. Keep in mind that it must be relatively light if you attach a mister. That is because it is better for the hummingbird when the flow of water is soft and light.

If you already have sprinklers on your property, you can add a misting sprinkler. Just be sure to keep it low enough to allow the hummingbirds to use them for a long time.


Drippers are similar to fountains and offer an inviting and slow flow of water that hummingbirds love. Keep in mind to place the drippers next to leaves or rocks. It will provide the hummingbird with a choice to rub against a damp object and bathe or bathe directly under the water sources.

The drippers also naturally attract hummingbirds as they love these additions. So, if you want to offer a full experience to the hummingbirds, you must add these features to your birdbaths.

Clean Them Often

The best way to make the most out of your birdbath is to clean it often, no matter what type of bird you are trying to attract to your home. Here are some of the top tips that will help you keep your birdbath clean all year:

  • Do a routine inspection of all water features and accessories to ensure there are no malfunctions or clogs
  • Empty the basins, thoroughly clean them, and refill them with water
  • Replace the standing water each day
  • Keep a check on the water levels after rainstorms, so they don't rise. If they do, it will repel hummingbirds and also endanger them

Keep in mind that you must never clean the birdbath with a harmful chemical, such as bleach. Instead, you can use water and distilled vinegar to clean the basin. Besides that, a good water and soap scrub will clean the entire birdbath in no time.

Final Words

That was your complete guide to attracting birds and hummingbirds to birdbaths. The placement is also incredibly important as it will ensure as many hummingbirds can come to the birdbath as possible. So, keep it in a shady area and feet or two above the ground.

Once you follow these guidelines, your outdoor area will become a hummingbird haven in no time. So, be sure to follow the right tips for the ideal birdbath to give the hummingbirds a great place to perch and bathe.

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