Abyssinian Thrush

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Turdus abyssinicus

Abyssinian Thrush

The Abyssinian Thrush, also known as the African Mountain Thrush, Northern Olive Thrush or Ethiopian Thrush is a dark thrush of montane habitats.

It is 8.7 inches long. It is generally darker than the African thrush and has an orange (not yellow) bill. It is also darker than the Kurrichane Thrush and has no malar stripes. Generally, the birds get darker at higher altitudes.

Song is a pretty, variable series of chatty whistles and trills, with frequent pauses.

Diet consists of insects, molluscs, and spiders.

Forests woodlands, exotic plantations, parks and gardens.

Occurs in the highlands of eastern Africa from South Sudan south to northern Mozambique.

They build a cup-shaped nest, typically up to 6 meters above the ground in a tree.

The female lays 2 -3 blue eggs and incubates them for 14 -15 days.



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