Hummingbird Feeders

The popularity of bird watching has soared up over time. This has been greatly influenced by the fact that many more people are finding birds aesthetically pleasing. A drawback on this pass time activity is that a lot of the birds are unable to settle in the built up environments and Ultimately this makes bird watching inaccessible to many people, especially if you reside in areas with scarce supply of trees. The pleasure of having birds within and around your premises, is a unique and relaxing one; it infuses a sense of the natural environment around your house.

To overcome this, many people use bird feeders to attract birds to their premises. The most popular bird among bird lover is the hummingbird. These small and colorful birds are very pleasing to watch as they hover around humming. This has made hummingbird feeders a popular product for the bird lovers to buy.

As a popular activity, there are many people who would like to know what makes a great bird feeder and, in particular, great hummingbird feeders.

Good Feeders For Hummingbirds

The Color Of The Feeder

The color of the feeder is an important element to consider. It is a primary element in attracting hummers. It is easy to notice that many of the feeders you may come across are red in color or have a lot of red donning the feeder. Hummers are greatly attracted to color red. This makes your feeder easy to attract hummers.

Design Of The Feeder

The design of the feeder does not particularly enhance or diminish your chances of attracting hummer. It has been noticed over time that any kind of feeder will attract hummers to feed on it. However, the design does influence ease of cleaning as well as help in keeping bees and ants at bay.

In terms of cleaning, the best design features a basin shape. The shape is very helpful when it comes to setting up the feeder as it is very easy to set up it up. Beyond setting up, the shape does influence the ease of cleaning as mentioned earlier. They are very easy to clean due to ample space the feeders have. This makes cleaning very easy and encourages cleaning. A good example of such a feeder is the HummerZinger. You should take note that hummers are particularly sensitive to the state of the water sugar. They refrain from consuming syrup with any signs that it is not clean or infested with bacteria and mold.

A good design should protect the sugar water from attracting bees and ants. Just as hummers are attracted to sugary water, so do bees and ants. However, the presence of bees and ants may be detrimental to retaining the presence of the hummers. There are feeders with ant guards and feeder points with that make the sugar water inaccessible to bees. These are the best kind of feeders.

An added feature you may want to consider is whether the feeder has perches. These provide somewhere for the birds to alight or roost. This makes feeding easy, which in turn attracts more birds while helping retain the ones that use your feeder.

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