Birds can be ideal pets as they do not require frequent exercise and will not leave pet hair on the carpet. However, there are various considerations that must be made when purchasing a bird, such as how to clean a bird feeder. This article will provide basic information on bird feeder maintenance, including some tips on how to manage a bird feeder.

How To Clean A Bird Feeder

  1. Finding Decaying Seeds

One aspect that many people do not consider when maintaining bird feeders is the presence of decaying seeds. These are often caused by a build-up of mold or excrement in the bird feeder. It can be detrimental to the bird's health. Decaying bird seeds can contribute to an attraction of infectious bird illnesses which may be spread to all birds in the cage.

  1. The Area Underneath The Bird Feeder

Another aspect of bird feeders that is often ignored is the cleaning of the area underneath bird feeders. While decaying seeds and excrement can be found in the feeder, these contaminants can also be found underneath the feeder. These compounds can contribute to infectious bird diseases, but also to rodent infestations. If the waste underneath is not removed, it can build up and attract rodents who may increase the amount of excrement.

  1. Water In The Feeder

The majority of individuals will notice the build-up of waste around the feeder and underneath it. However, it is important to consider the water tray as well. The presence of seeds and excrement can lead to water contamination, which can lead to infectious bird illnesses. Generally, an individual should change the water in the bird feeder every two days. If the air temperature is warm, one should change the water each day to avoid mold. It is recommended to avoid the use of cleaning soap when cleaning the water tray. Detergent residue may remain and cause bird health problems. When cleaning a water feeder, it is advised to utilize clean tap water and a clean sponge. A bleach mixture can be used in order to clean stains and eliminate the spread of bacteria.

  1. Reducing Overcrowding Around The Feeder

One of the most important aspects to consider when placing a bird feeder in an atrium or bird cage is the possibility of overcrowding. Generally, one bird feeder should be placed between two birds in a cage. However, if the bird feeder is placed in an atrium it is recommended that a minimum of two feeders be used.

As can be seen, there are various factors to consider when learning how to clean a bird feeder. It should also be mentioned that while the water tray should be cleaned every two days, the seed tray can be changed every two weeks. This frequent cleaning will ensure that all birds remain healthy and no rodents will be attracted to the feeder.

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