Installing A Window Bird Feeder

If you want birds to come closer to your home so you can watch them, installing a window bird feeder in the right location can help you accomplish your goal. Bird feeders can attract a wide variety of birds, and if you add certain personalized touches to the feeder, you can attract certain types of birds as well. There are several types of feeders you can choose from, and each type offers its own special features.

Birds Are Attracted To Feeders That Are Shiny And Clean

Birds are naturally attracted to shiny objects, so if you choose a window bird feeder that is made of plastic or a glossy material like metal, chances are more birds will come to the feeder. Shiny feeders illuminate better in the light and your feeder will become a beacon that will attract birds near and far.

It is also important to make sure that there is a variety of food in your feeder. Different birds prefer to eat different types of seeds. Offering a variety of seeds will ensure that you will have the opportunity to see many birds enjoy your bird feeder.

You will not have to do a lot of maintenance with the feeders. They can be cleaned relatively easily and conveniently refilled with seeds whenever the level becomes low. However, you can change the types of seeds that you add into the feeder. This will ensure that there will always be different birds in your backyard.

Make The Location Inviting

You do not want to set up a bird feeder near one of your windows only to have birds too frightened to approach it because they can see that they are being watched. Many bird feeders are now equipped with one way mirrors so that birds will never know that anyone is watching them. They will only be able to see their reflections. This is one of the unique features of bird feeders that will allow the birds to hang around longer.

Currently, there are two different types of bird feeders on the market. There are bird feeders that can be secured by a hook and other feeders can be secured to windows by suction cups. Many bird watchers prefer feeders that use suction cups to secure the feeder to the window. These feeders are typically more visually appealing. The suction cups are extremely durable and will not lose their grip once they are on the window.

Specifications To Be Mindful Of

Not only are certain birds attracted to certain types of seeds, there are birds that are attracted to certain colors. You can do some research to find out what color the bird you are interested in is attracted to.

Also be mindful of the size of the feeder you purchase. A bigger feeder will accommodate more birds and as a result you will have more birds visiting your feeder.

Installing a window bird feeder is a simple and enjoyable way to watch the birds in your area. Just make sure to keep each feeder clean and well stocked with seeds.

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