If you're someone who's interested in everything that have to do with hummingbirds, you should know that there are several ways that you can enjoy their company. For example, you can think of setting up some sort of sanctuary or garden where they will be able to come in and feel welcome. Gardens for hummingbirds and a variety of feeders will be a wonderful way to attract these beautiful creatures. It will even keep them coming back time and again for your viewing pleasure.

Did you know that hummingbirds have almost no sense of smell at all? This means that a lot of the flowers that they are attracted to may have little or no fragrance whatsoever. Instead, they will direct resources toward flowers that are highly visible and have a great deal of nectar production. If you're interested in having some of the plants that are known for high nectar production - you can talk with your local nursery or flower center to learn about the best options to consider.

Plants That Hummingbirds Are Attracted To

Some of the top plants that you can look for that are known to attract and also feed the hummingbirds' population include:


Flowering Quince

Cape Honeysuckle

Morning Glory

Trumpet Creeper

Cardinal Flower







Another great thing that you can do that will help you to strengthen the attraction to your garden is putting a mister out in your yard. A mister, or a small hose that is attached to your garden hose It can be turned on to a trickle where it puts out a mist or a fine spray into the air. The hummingbirds enjoy the mist and will more than likely stop by to bathe from time to time. These birds and others are known for flying through the spray. Until they are thoroughly wet down and then head off to a perch where they can preen. You can find a variety of misters online or at your local garden center or specialty bird store.

When it comes to feeders, hummingbirds are going to be attracted to brightly colors plants and feeders. A lot of bird enthusiasts have been able to get great results by putting a number of feeders into somewhat of a clump formation. Not only is this more bang for your buck in terms of attraction, but it can also help to keep bird bullies away. Over a very short period of time, your hummingbird population that is in and around the area of your home will know that you have a prime location where they can go to enjoy the garden space and all of the plants and feeders that you have in place.

If it ever seems as though your hummingbird sightings are slowing down, simply think about adding in a new species of plant to your garden or try to come up with a continuous blooming schedule. Before long, you are going to have a set up that is a true oasis for hummingbirds.

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