Simple and Easy Bird Feeding Tips!

Putting out bird feeders is a great way to bring more birds to your yard. Watching them flit around outdoors as they eat can provide hours of entertainment, while at the same time ensuring that the birds have enough to eat during the cold winter months when food may be hard to come by.There is more to feeding birds than simply placing the feeders outside and waiting for the birds to come, however. The following bird feeding tips will help ensure that you are doing everything right so you can attract as many birds as
possible to your yard:

Choose the right feeder for the type of birds that you want to attract.

One common mistake that people make is thinking that any old feeder will do. The fact is, however, that different bird species prefer different types of feeders. If there are certain birds that you want to attract to your yard, it is important to choose the type of feeder that they prefer.

For instance, sparrows tend to prefer feeders that are flat and have a large surface as opposed to upright feeders. In fact, you will often see sparrows picking up seed from the ground around your feeder rather than from the feeder itself. If you want to attract these small songbirds to your yard, you should look for large, flat feeder that is suitable for their needs.

Create a safe space for the birds.

The last thing you want to do is make it easier for predators to catch and kill the birds that you attract to your yard.
Be sure to place the feeder in an open area that is far from trees, shrubs or other areas where predators could find shelter to wait in hiding for an unsuspecting bird.

Typically feeders that are high off the ground are also safer than those that are low enough for cats or other predators to easily access. Do some research on which types of feeders are best for protecting the birds that visit your yard so that you can ensure that they stay safe.

Buy high-quality bird seed.

While it may be tempting to buy inexpensive bird seed for your feeders, you will generally be better off if you pay a little bit of extra money for higher quality seed. Seed mixes with a low price typically contain a lot of fillers that birds don't really like. As a result, you may wind up with a lot of waste. Not only that, but you may not draw in as many birds as you would like with your feeders.

If keeping the area around your feeder clean is important to you, you should also look for bird seed that has sunflower seeds that have already been shelled.

These bird feeding tips should help you successfully bring birds to your backyard with your feeder. By looking for a feeder that is specifically designed for the type of birds you want to attract and choosing the right bird seed to fill it,
you can improve your chances of success. 

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