Bird watching with window bird feeders is such a pleasurable past time and it is one that can be enjoyed by the whole family. The different seasons can bring different varieties of birds to be enjoyed. One way you can enjoy bird watching is with window bird feeders. You don’t even have to live out in the country. City 

A Variety of Window Bird Feeders to Choose From

There are many different types of window bird feeders you can choose from so finding one that suits your needs, or the needs of the birds, where you live is easy. There are small hoppers, tube feeders, suet feeders and open trays. Each one is made differently and can be found in a variety of material types as well.

Suction cups are used in certain window feeder models. This is nice for crank-out windows. The downside of these models is they have to have the food put in from the outside. They also have to be cleaned from the outside.

Get Up Close and Personal

The truly nice thing about window bird feeders is you can see the birds but they won’t necessarily see you. This makes it so much fun. Some bird feeders now come with a one-way viewing feature that allows you to see out but doesn't let the bird see you. This means it won’t fly off in fear or you won’t startle it as you get close. You will be able to see the little bird in fine close up detail. One option for any type of feeder you have is a two-way film that allows you to see out but reduces what the bird can see. Again this makes bird watching much easier to do!

What Type of Feed to Use

There are many different types of food you can use in window bird feeders. Of course, you can go to any retail store and buy commercial bird food. There is feed designed to cater to song birds, local birds and many other varieties. You can buy the food in small bags or even 50 pound bags at local feed stores. Cut up oranges and apples are another option. You can put a small cup of water out and supply them with fresh meal worms as well. Sunflower seeds are loved by some birds and peanut butter is a healthy fat and protein food for them

Taking Care of Our Feathered Friends

Bird feeders allow you to help take care of the birds where you live. This can be especially important during hard winters where natural food sources may be scarce. Birds will often return season after season to where they know there is food. They may even nest nearby which allows for even more bird watching fun. You will be able to see the same pairs return each season and raise a whole new generation of chicks. The options are varied and the fun of bird watching can continue all year long with window bird feeders.

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