Cuban Bullfinch 

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Melopyrrha Nigra 

Cuban Bullfinch

Males are entirely shiny black with a conspicuous wide bright white patch on the wings. The underwing is white.

Females are dull grayish black to glossy black with a smaller white wing patch.

Juveniles resemble the females in overall appearance but with greenish tipped feathers.

Juvenile males have more glossy black head and flight feathers.

Cuba.BILL: large, stout and curved.

SIZE: small, measuring 5.5 -5.75 inches in length.

WEIGHT: weighs about 34 grams.

COLOR: black, grayish black, and white.

Fruits, flower buds, seeds and insects. 

Subtropical or tropical moist lowland forest, subtropical or tropical moist montane forest, and heavily degraded former forest.


CALL: A high buzzy “tsit”.

SONG: A buzzy trill that drops in pitch and is followed by thin “tsi” notes, from five to ten, rising in pitch towards the end of the series.

NEST: Both sexes build a large and globular nest with dry grasses, leaves, tree bark, rootlets, horse and goat hair.

EGGS: 3 - 5 whitish eggs, with a greenish cast, spotted wit reddish-brown and lilac.

INCUBATION: 13 -14 days, female only.

FLEDGLING PHASE: 14 -17 days.

They forage from ground level to treetops. They usually occur alone or in pairs during both the breeding and non-breeding season.

Cuban Bullfinch Infographic


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