Black-faced Grosbeak

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Caryothraustes poliogaster

Black-faced Grosbeak

The Black-faced Grosbeak is a large seed-eating bird in the cardinal family.

Adults measure about 6.51 inches in length and weigh about 36 grams.

They have a heavy, mainly black bill, black face, yellow head, neck and breast, and olive back, wings and tail. Rump and belly are gray.

Immatures are duller and have duskier face markings.

CALL: Include sharp “chip” or “tweet” calls, buzzes and whistles.

SONG: A musical whistled “cher chi weet", "cher chir weet”, “cher chi chuweet”.

Beetles, caterpillars and other insects, and also eats fruit such as those of gumbo-limbo (Bursera simaruba), seeds, and nectar taken from flowers or epiphyte bracts.  

Found in the canopy and middle levels of dense wet forests, tall second growth, and semi-open habitats such as woodland edge and clearings.

Resident breeding species from south- eastern Mexico to eastern Panama.

Their nest is bowl-shaped made from bromeliad leaves and other epiphytes 3 – 6 meters high in a small tree or palm.

The female lays 3 brown-spotted gray- white eggs between April and June.



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