Black-headed  Oriole 

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Oriolus larvatus

Black-headed Oriole

The Black-headed Oriole is a species of bird in the family Oriolidai. It has a very striking appearance with a bright yellow body, contrasting black head and flesh- colored beak.

The Black-headed Oriole measures about 8.66 inches in length and weighs about 59 - 72 grams.

It has a bright yellow body, contrasting black head and flesh-colored beak.

The voice is a liquid-sounding warble, accompanied by imitations and whistles.

Feeds on small fruit as well as large insects.

Inhabits dry tropical forests, especially acacia and broad-leaved woodlands, and dense shrubland areas, where it is more often heard than seen despite the brightness of its plumage.

Breeds in much of sub-Saharan Africa from South Sudan and Ethiopia in the north to South Africa in the south.

Their nest is a deep cup made of strands of old-man's beard lichen (Usnea), moss, tendrils and grass woven together.

It is usually placed between the stems of a fork in a horizontal branch, often far from the main tree trunk, usually 6 - 9 meters above ground.

The female lays 2 -3 eggs which are incubated roughly 14 - 16 days.

Alternate Names :

Include the African Black-headed Oriole, Eastern Black-headed Oriole and Eastern Oriole.



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