Black-Thighed Puffleg

 SCIENTIFIC NAME: Eriocnemis derbyi

The Black-Thighed Puffleg is a species of bird in the Trochilidae family. As suggested by its name, the feathering around its legs is black, which is unique among the pufflegs. Otherwise its plumage is green with a contrastingly black tail.

It measures about 4 inches in length.

Males are dark glittering-green (with brighter rump and vent) and have inconspicuous black leg puffs. Females are brighter green with small white leg puffs, blue forehead, and white scaling on throat and breast.

Main diet consists of nectar taken from low-growing flowers. They also hawk for insects.

Moist montanes, forest edge, second growth, bushy partially open pastures and ravines at 2,500-3,600 m.

Andean highlands of Colombia and northern Ecuador.

They lay two white eggs, which are incubated by the female.


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