Black-Throated Hermit 

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Phaethornis atrimentalis

The Black-Throated Hermit is a species of hummingbird in the family Trochilidae.

It is a small hummingbird measuring about 3.15 – 3.54 inches in length.

It is mainly dull brownish green above with a buff-tinged rump. It has a black mask through the eye, bordered above and below with whitish-buff stripes.

Throat is gray to dusky. Underparts are dull tawny. Bill is long and slightly decurved, with a mostly yellow lower mandible.

Central feathers of the tapered tail are slightly longer than the rest and are white-tipped.

Sometimes gives a high-pitched, squeaky song from a low perch.

Food includes both nectar and small invertebrates.

Rainforest understory in lowlands east of the Andes and in adjacent foothills.

Western Amazon in Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru.


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