Black-throated Thrush

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Turdus atrogularis

Black-throated Thrush

The Black-throated Thrush is a large and distinctive thrush. It is a migratory Eastern Palearctic species. Its range overlaps with the more easterly- breeding Red-throated Thrush.

It measures about 10.62 inches in length and weighs about 54 - 110 grams.

Males are black from the chin to the breast with a grayish-black tail. Upperparts are gray and underparts are whitish with orange-red underwing coverts.

Females and immatures are similar but the black on the throat and breast is replaced with dusky streaking.

Feeds on the ground on invertebrates and also feeds on various berries, cherries and some seeds.

Breeds along the edges of clearings in coniferous or mixed deciduous forest, often in the undergrowth of Siberian Pine or mixed spruce fir forest, especially along watercourses or in swampy areas.

Breeding range extends from the extreme east of Europe to Western Siberia and north-west Mongolia.

Wintering range extends from the Middle East, although uncommon in the Arabian Peninsula to eastern Burma.

As a vagrant it has occurred in Japan, Thailand, and Taiwan as well as to most of Europe west of its normal range.

Nest is made of grasses and thin twigs bound with earth and lined with fine grasses, moss or lichens. It is usually placed within 1.5 - 2 meters of the ground, sometimes on the ground.

The female lays 5 - 6 eggs and incubates them for 11 - 12 days.


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