Black-whiskered Vireo

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Vireo altiloquus

Black-whiskered Vireo


The Black-whiskered Vireo is a small songbird that breeds in southern Florida, USA, and the West Indies as far south as the offshore islands of Venezuela.
It is a partial migrant, with northern birds wintering from the Greater Antilles to northern South America.
This species has occurred as a rare vagrant to Costa Rica.

Both sexes measure about 5.9 - 6.3 inches in length and weigh about 17 - 22 grams.
Adults have dull olive-green upperparts and white underparts, with yellowish on the flanks and under the tail.
They have red eyes and gray-brown crown with faint dusky edges.
There is a dark line through the eyes and a white eyebrow stripe. There is a distinctive black line (the "whisker") on the neck sides.
Juveniles are similar, but have brown-red eyes.

CALL: A catbird-like "myaah".

SONG: A series of 3 or 4 crisp phrases, sometimes referenced as "whip-tom- kelly".

Fruits and insects.

Coastal mangroves and subtropical hardwood hammocks in Florida.
Coastal mangrove and sea-level forests, limestone hardwood forests, and mountain forests throughout Caribbean.

Nest is a deep open cup suspended from a forked tree branch.
It is woven of grasses, lichens, and spider webs and lined with palm threads, grasses, and rootlets.
The female lays 2 - 4 white eggs with a few small brown dots.


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