Blue-chinned Sapphire

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Chlorestes notata

Blue-chinned Sapphire

The Blue-chinned Sapphire is 3.5 inches long and weighs 3.8 grams.

Bill is fairly straight, with the upper mandible black and the lower reddish.

Males have mainly green plumage, darker above, with white thighs, a forked metallic blue tail and blue upper throat.

Females differ from the males in that they have green-spotted white underparts.

SONG: A high metallic “ssooo-ssooo- ssooo”.

Feeds on insects and nectar, mainly in trees but sometimes on vines or smaller plants like Heliconia.


Occurs in a variety of habitats including river edges, abandoned plantations and second growth, and patches of savanna woodland.

Breeds from Colombia south and east to the Guianas, Trinidad, Peru, and Brazil.

Nest is a deep cup made of lichen and other fine plant material and placed on a horizontal tree branch.

The eggs are incubated for 16 days with a further 18 – 19 days to fledging.




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