Blue-Headed Sapphire 

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Hylocharis grayi

Blue-Headed Sapphire

The Blue-Headed Sapphire is a species of hummingbird in the family Trochilidae.

It formerly included the Humboldt's Sapphire as a subspecies. This species was formerly placed in the genus Hylocharis.

It was moved to Chrysuronia based on the results of a molecular phylogenetic study published in 2014.

It measures about 3.5 – 4.33 inches in length.

It is a striking hummingbird with blue head, shimmering green body, and mostly red bill with black tip.

Females are duller, grayish below with green spotting on sides of throat.

It is very similar to Humboldt’s Sapphire, which is found at much lower elevations on the coast.

Mainly nectar from shrubs and trees.

Readily visits garden feeders.

Typically inhabits dry scrubby woodland and second growth in high elevation valleys, from 1,200–2,200 m.

Colombia and Ecuador.


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