Blue-Throated Starfrontlet

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Coeligena helianthea

The Blue-Throated Starfrontlet is a species of hummingbird in the family Trochilidae.

It is large hummingbird, about 5.12 inches long.

A dazzling hummingbird, the males look dark at a distance, but are unmistakable in good light: dark blackish head and breast with a green forecrown, a purplish-blue throat patch, and a glittering purplish-pink belly.

Females have a buffy throat, a purplish-pink belly, and a long straight bill.

Main diet consists of nectar. Visits feeders.

Moist montanes and high-altitude shrubland.

Andes of Colombia and far western Venezuela.

They breed between May and October, but there is no other information currently available.


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