Booted Racket-Tail Hummingbird


(Ocreatus Underwoodii)


Booted Racket-Tail is a hummingbird species that is found
in the Andean Cordillera of Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela. 
Booted Racket-Tail
BILL: long pointed black bill.
SIZE: Males measures about 4.72-1.97 inches including the tail and females about 2.99-3.54 inches.
WEIGHT: 2.6-3.2 grams.
COLOR: green, blue, white, black, bronze, iridescent.
MONTANE FORESTS: Found in subtropical to temperate forest, more likely at edges, ravines, roads, second growth to rainforest, cloud forest, elfin forest, and coffee plantations.
NECTAR from a variety of brightly colored, scented small flowers of trees, herbs, shrubs and epiphytes, and feeders.
INSECTS small spiders, and small insects.
Occur in South America: Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia.
NEST: tiny cup-shaped nest, made with plant fibers and lichens for camouflage, inner cup is lined with softer plant fibers, animal hair and plant down and is strengthened with spider webs. Placed on horizontal twigs in a tree, in a protected location of shrub, bush or tree, about 6-8 meters above the ground.
EGGS: 2 white eggs.
INCUBATION: 16-17 days, female only.
HOVERING while feeding on nectar and hawking as they snatch insects from leaves or branches, and pluck them from spider webs. Feeding territories are strongly defended by males.
Booted Racket-Tail

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