Brazilian Ruby

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Clytolaema rubricauda

Brazilian Ruby

The Brazilian Ruby is a distinctive hummingbird with a straight black bill and the only species placed in the genus Clytolaema.

It is a relatively large hummingbird, about 4.72 inches in length.

Males are overall green with a coppery back and rump, a coppery-rufous tail and, as suggested by their common name, a highly iridescent ruby throat that can appear black from some angles.

Females are green above and cinnamon below.

Both sexes have a white post- ocular spot and a straight black bill.

Found in the understory of humid rainforest and visiting feeders at forest edges.

Eastern Brazil.

Nesting behavior of is poorly known. Nest is a cup made with moss and lichens. The female lays 2 eggs and incubates alone.




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