Bridled Titmouse

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Baeolophus wollweberi

Bridled Titmouse

The Bridled Titmouse is a small songbird with a dashing swirl of black and white on its face.
It is the most ornately plumaged of the titmice family that look more like a chickadee at a distance than a titmouse.

Both sexes measure about 3.9 inches in length and weigh about 10 grams.
They are small, crested and gray with a black and white patterned face and a black bib.
Their crest is boarded with black and white, sometimes gray underparts.

CALL: A low, rapid, nasal chickadee- like scold is the most commonly heard call. They give other calls with similar quality in situations of courtship and conflict.

SONG: Usually described as a whistled “pidi-pidi-pidi-pidi”. They make a variety of different sounds, most having a similar tone quality.

Feeds on insects, seeds, and acorns.

Found in oak and pine-oak woodlands, typically in areas with live oak species. They can also be found in riparian cottonwoods and willows.

Eastern and southeastern Arizona – (the Mogollon Plateau and White Mountains of Arizona), and extreme southwestern New Mexico – (the Madrean sky islands region of the eastern Sonora Desert) in the United States to southern Mexico.

They nest in a hole in a tree, either a natural cavity or sometimes an old woodpecker nest found 4 – 28 ft. off the ground.
The female does most of the nest construction. She lines the nest with soft materials. It is usually built from loose cups of cottonwood down, stems, leaves, and grass.
She lays 4 – 8 white eggs.



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