Bronzy Inca

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Coeligena coeligena

Bronzy Inca

The Bronzy Inca, also known as the Purple Brown Hummingbird or Tanned Inca a species of apodiform bird of the Trochilidae family.

It is a large hummingbird, measuring 5 inches in length.

The main color of the plumage is iridescent purple. Upperparts vary from a rich violet to a sparkling red, while the underparts are suffused with a grayish tinge.

Each individual feather is banded with lighter and darker colors. Tail coverts have a golden-greenish luster. Throat and breast are soft gray.

Tail is broad and is suffused with the same purple tinge as the back. Both sexes are alike.

Main diet consists of nectar. They follow a route from flower to flower, often along forest edge. May sometimes be territorial over flowers. Visits feeders.

Subtropical or tropical moist montane forest.

Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela.


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