Brown-backed Solitaire

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Myadestes occidentalis

Brown-backed Solitaire

The Brown-backed Solitaire is a slender, long-tailed thrush that is best known for its amazing song which is given year- round. It is often kept as a cage bird.

The Brown-backed Solitaire a medium- sized songbird, about 8 inches long and weighs about 38 - 44 grams.

It is a mostly grayish bird with brown flight feathers (hence the "brown back" when it is perched), a white eye ring and white rectrices (tail) feathers.

CALL: A squealing, metallic call and a raspy alarm call.

SONG: A clear series of notes, increasing in tempo and volume but decreasing in pitch.

Feeds on fruits and berries, as well as insects and small invertebrates.

Found in mixed forest areas in its native range, primarily in mountainous or hilly areas.

They are often found in riparian zones in such habitats, and it is riparian zones in canyons where sightings have been made in southern Arizona.

Mexico and Central America. Considered a permanent resident throughout its normal range.

However, in parts of their range they will move to lower elevation for the winter.

Nest is a cup of grasses, mosses, rootlets and other material, placed in a protected location on the ground, such as near a fallen log or by a tree stump.

The female lays between 3 and 7 eggs, and she does the majority of the incubation for about 2 weeks.



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