Cactus Wren 

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Campylorhynchus Brunneicapillus 

Cactus Wren

Adults are speckled brown with bright white eyebrows that extend from the bill, across and above their red eyes, to the sides of the neck.

They have pale cinnamon sides and a white chest with dark speckles. The back is brown with heavy white streaks, and the tail is barred white and black—especially noticeable from below.

Males and females look alike, but juveniles are slightly paler and have  brown eyes.

BILL: blackish with pale grey base and slightly down-curved.

SIZE: measures about 7.1 - 8.7 inches in length.

WEIGHT: weighs about 32 - 47 grams.

COLOR: brown, white, black and pale cinnamon.

Insects, fruits, nuts, seeds, and occasionally small invertebrates such as small lizards.

Desert and semi-desert with various plant species, and mainly spiny cacti for nesting.

Arizona, Southern California, Southern Nevada, Western Texas, Southwest Utah and Northern-central Mexico.

CALL: Alarm call is a low buzz, and also a repeated “tek-tek-tek-tek”.

During the territorial encounters, they give harsh, scratchy calls.

SONG: A low-pitched, harsh, rapid and rhythmic “jar-jar-jar-jar” becoming louder at the end.

Their song is heard all year round.

NEST: The male and female build a large football-shaped nest with tunnel-shaped entrances.

It is made with grass, plant fibers, twigs and dried leaves, and lined with feathers or fur, and sometimes artificial materials when available.

It is often placed in a large spiny cactus or a thick shrub.

EGGS: 3 - 5 buffy-pinkish eggs with brown markings.

INCUBATION: 16 days, female only.

FLEDGLING PHASE: 19 -23 days.

They are very adaptable, curious, and aggressive. They have learned to adapt to new foraging opportunities provided in suburban areas. 

Much of their foraging is done on the ground and in low vegetation, turning over debris, stones and rocks to reach the invertebrates hidden beneath.

The oldest recorded Cactus Wren was a male, and at least 8 years, 1 month old.


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