World's Smallest Birds

Brown Gerygone

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Gerygone mouki

Brown Gerygone

The Brown Gerygone previously known as the Brown Warbler is a small passerine bird native to eastern coastal Australia.

The upper parts of the Brown Gerygone is a deep olive-gray or olive-brown, while its face and underparts are a much paler gray, cream, or washed-out brown. Tail feathers are dark and maybe white-tipped.
It is approximately 3.94 inches in length.

Their call is a soft "what-is-it".

It feeds on insects. 

Coastal and mountain rainforest, wet gullies and mangroves.

Found along the east coast of Australia, north from Tully, Queensland at altitudes above 250 meters.

Their nest is a rounded dome with a tapering 'tail' from roots, plant fibers, spider web, moss and lichens, which is suspended from a low branch or vine. Both parents feed the young.

Brown Gerygone infographic


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