Brown Inca

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Coeligena wilsoni

Brown Inca

The Brown Inca is a drab, long-billed hummingbird of Andean cloud forest in western Ecuador and western Colombia.

It is about 4.72 inches long, weighs approximately 6.7 grams and has a long straight black bill which is 1.30 inches.

Both sexes are similar. They are dark bronzy above with dull brown underparts and an inconspicuous amethyst throat patch. There is a small white postocular spot and a white patch on either side of their necks.

Feeds on the nectar of various plants such as Psammisia, Macleania, Cavendishia, and Fuchsia. Insects are caught by foraging on various plants and occasionally by hawking. It feeds by trap-lining.

Usually found feeding on tubular flowers inside forest or along the edge, and regularly visits feeders in some areas.

Found in forests between 1000 and 2800 m along the Pacific slope of the Andes from western Colombia to southern Ecuador.


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