Buff-Winged Starfrontlet

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Coeligena lutetiae

Buff-Winged Starfrontlet

The Buff-Winged Starfrontlet is a species of hummingbird in the family Trochilidae.

A large hummingbird, 5.5 inches long.

It is mostly green with obvious buffy wing patch, which is its best ID feature.

Males have iridescent green forehead and violet gorget.

Females have buff throats.

Both sexes have buff patches on the wings (secondary flight feathers).  Tail is notched.  Bill is black and straight.

The buff patches on the wings at all age stages and sexes are unique among hummingbirds in this species’ range.

Diet consists mostly of nectar with the addition of arthropods. Visits feeders in some areas.

High elevation temperate (cold and wet) rainforest reserve with pasture.

Central Andes of Colombia to Ecuador and extreme north-western Peru.

They lay 2 white eggs in a cup-shaped nest, which is built about 3 meters above ground in a tree fork.


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