Buffy Helmetcrest 

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Oxypogon stuebelii

Buffy Helmetcrest

The Buffy Helmetcrest was formerly considered to be subspecies of what was known as the Bearded Helmetcrest (Oxypogon guerinii).

It was promoted to species status when the Bearded Helmetcrest was split into four species based on a study of biometric and plumage data published in 2013.

The Bearded Helmetcrest was renamed the Green-bearded Helmetcrest.

Males show a beard which is green above purple bordered in tan. The short crest is tan and black, neck-sides buffy (against white in the other forms), buff to brownish-tan underside, and outer tail feathers with buffy-white (broad on the outermost, narrow on the next two).

Females and younger males lack the crest and beard and have more subdued coloration, but they are still recognizable from their large size and relatively tiny bill.

Food includes invertebrates in addition to the more expected nectar.

High-altitude grassland.

Central Andes of Colombia.


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