Cerulean Warbler

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Setophaga cerulea

Cerulean Warbler

The Cerulean Warbler is a small, compact warbler that often perches horizontally. It has a small, round bill and a shorter tail than some other warblers such as Magnolia Warbler.

Both sexes measure about 4.3 inches in length, with a wingspan of 7.9 inches and weight of about 8 - 10 grams.

Males are sky-blue above with 2 white wing bars, dark streaking on the back, a thin blue neck band, and blue streaking on the sides of their white belly.

Females are bluish-green above with a slight yellow wash below. They lack the streaked sides and neck band seen on males. Females also have a whitish eyebrow and 2 white wingbars.

CALL: Males and females commonly give a metallic buzzy “zeet”, likely to keep in touch with their mate. They also give this call during flight. A second call is a sharp “chip” given as an alarm call.

SONG: Males sing a buzzy song that ascends to a buzzy trill. The song starts with 3 buzzy notes, followed by 4 fast warbles, and ends with a higher pitched buzzy trill.

They sing from canopy perches, often in bitternut hickories and white oaks.

Primarily feeds on insects such as flies, beetles, weevils, and caterpillars. They also eat some plant material, in winter.

Found in mature deciduous forests with a relatively open understory during the summer breeding season, especially along rivers and streams.

Winters in similar forest habitats during the winter, often near forest edges and clearings.

Summers in scattered portions of the eastern United States and extreme southeastern Canada.

Winters in South America.

Both the male and female choose the nesting location. The female weave together bark fibers, grass stems, and hair that is bind together with spiderwebs to form a cup-shaped nest.

The male occasionally helps collect spiderwebs at the beginning of nest construction.

The female lays 1 - 5 grayish to greenish white eggs, speckled with brown. Incubation period last for 11 - 12 days.


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