Common Green Magpie

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Cissa chinensis

Common Green Magpie

The Common Green Magpie is a member of the crow family. It is a neon-colored, noisy and highly social bird.

It measures about 14.57 - 15.35 inches in length and a mass of 130 grams. It is a distinctive and striking green magpie.

It is vivid green in color which often fades to turquoise in captivity. There is a black band from base of bill over its eye to the side of its head.

Wings are chestnut with black-and-white tertial tips. Feet and bill are bright red. Its fleshy eye rim is also red. Its long graduated tail has a whitish tip.

Both sexes are similar.

Juveniles are duller overall.

The colors can bleach out and the green plumage becomes bluish.

Voice is quite varied but often a harsh "peep-peep". It also frequently whistles and chatters.

Feeds on beetles, mantises, small frogs, snakes, lizards and bird's eggs and nestlings. Also seen feeding on carrion.

Evergreen forest (including bamboo forest), clearings and scrub.

Found in Asia from the Himalayas in northeast India east to Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, extreme southern China (Yunnan and Guanxi) to Burma, Laos and Vietnam. Also, in extreme southwest Thailand and peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra and Borneo.

Nest is a bowl made of twigs. It is placed well hidden in a small tree, amid shrubbery or in bamboo.

The female lays 4 - 6 eggs.


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