Coppery Metaltail 

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Metallura theresiae


The Coppery Metaltail is a species of hummingbird in the family Trochilidae.

It is about 4.13 – 4.33 inches long.

Males are mostly coppery with a green iridescent gorget. Tail is dusky.

females are also mostly coppery with a less developed gorget and a tail with whitish spots on the tip of the outer tail feathers.

Both sexes have a notched tail. Bill is relatively short, black, and straight. The relatively coppery and uniform plumage is unique in its range.

Perches atop bushes when not feeding, and quickly chases away other intruding hummingbirds.

Gives rapid, high-pitched squeaks when chasing other intruding hummingbirds away.

They hover-feed from flowers of Melastomataceae shrubs.

Elfin forest with pockets of grassland sphagnum bogs, where they occur in shrubby open glades. Observed at heights around 3,589 m.

Found only in Peru.

The female lays and incubates the two white eggs.


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