Cuban Emerald

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Chlorostilbon ricordii

Cuban Emerald

The Cuban Emerald is a medium-sized hummingbird with a long forked tail. This species is closely related to the extinct Brace's Emerald and it seems they have in the past been considered the same species. In its current form, Cuban Emerald is monotypic.

Males have short bills with black upper beaks and black tipped, red lower beaks. It is dark-green above and glossy green below with a hint of metallic blue. Undertail feathers are white and tail is deeply forked. They are about 4 - 4.5 inches in length and weigh about 5 grams.

Females resemble males for most part, but they are brownish-gray below with green flanks. Their tail is slightly less forked. They are about 3.7 - 4.1 inches in length and weigh about 3.4 grams. (Smaller than males.)

VOICE: A short, squeaky twitter.

Primarily feeds on nectar. It also consumes small spiders and insects.

Found in a variety of habitats from the coast to mid-elevations, but more common on cays.

Cuba - widespread resident The Bahamas - common on Grand Bahama Island, Abaco and Andros, absent elsewhere.

The female builds a small, cup-shaped nest with green moss and lines it with other soft plant fibers, and strengthen the structure with spider webbing. It is usually placed on a twig 1 -3 meters high in a bush.

She lays 2 white eggs, which she incubates alone.




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