Eurasian Golden Oriole

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Oriolus oriolus

Eurasian Golden Oriole

The Eurasian Golden Oriole is a small, shy songbirds. This species are difficult to see despite its bright colors.

It is about 9.84 inches in length and weighs about 65 – 78 grams.

Males are golden yellow in color with black wings. They have yellow-tipped coverts.

Females are almost greenish with a yellowish-white belly.

CALL: They have various calls. Their alarm call is a screech like a jay.

SONG: A beautiful fluting “weela-wee- ooo” or “or-iii-ole”, unmistakable once heard.

Breeding pairs often sing in duets when females answer to the males' song with a short “skweeeeer”.

Feed mainly on small insects and fruits and sometimes seeds, nectar, and pollen. On rare occasions, they may catch small mammals, small lizards, eggs, and nestlings.

They live in various habitats and prefer open broadleaf forests and plantations, copses, riverine forest, orchards, large gardens; they may inhabit the more continuous forest as well as mixed or coniferous forests.

In their wintering habitat, they are found in semi-arid to humid woodland, tall forests, riverine forest, woodland/ savanna mosaic, and savanna.

Breed from Western Europe and Scandinavia east to China.

Winter in central and southern Africa.

The female builds a deep cup-shaped nest which is suspended below a horizontal fork of thin branches.

The male will sometimes gather some of the nest materials.

The female lays 3 - 5 white, cream or very pale pink eggs with black marks, sometimes concentrated at the larger end.

The female incubates the egg but the male will incubate for short periods to allow the female to feed. The eggs hatch after 16 - 17 days.


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