Fire-breasted Flowerpecker

 SCIENTIFIC NAME: Dicaeum ignipectus

Fire-breasted Flowerpecker


The Fire-breasted Flowerpecker is a small flowerpecker with a small and dark bill.

It is one of the smallest flowerpeckers, measuring 2.8 inches long and weighs around 7 - 9 grams.

Adult males are dark blue above and pale creamy white below with black stripe and brilliantly red patch like a bloodstain on the breast.

Females are much plainer, with brownish- olive above and off-white below. The sides are olive and the bill has a pale base.

 CALL: They have a shrill call given regularly and has been likened to snipping scissors and a staccato "tsit"

SONG: A series of high buzzing notes followed by a trill, given from a high and exposed perch.

Like many other flowerpeckers, they disperse the seeds of mistletoes.

Its natural habitats are temperate forest, subtropical or tropical moist lowland forest, and subtropical or tropical moist montane forest.

Found along the Himalayas into Southeast Asia on the mainland.

Nest is pendant and purse like, opening on the side towards the top. It is thin and felt-like, made up of the hairy coverings of stems from mistletoes. It is lined with moss and soft grass.

2 or 3 eggs are laid and both sexes incubate and take care of the young.



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