Golden Starfrontlet 

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Coeligena bonapartei eos

Golden Starfrontlet

The Golden Starfrontlet or Golden-Tailed Starfrontlet, is usually considered a subspecies of hummingbird endemic to Venezuela.

It is often considered a subspecies of the Golden-Bellied Starfrontlet, C. bonapartei.

It strongly resembles the Golden-Bellied Starfrontlet, though it is 0.1 gram heavier at 6.6 g and has a bill that is 3 mm shorter at 30 mm.

They more golden-bronze overall and has a mostly rufous tail and secondary wing feathers.

They are "hyperactive" even for a hummingbird. Individuals occur at low and medium heights, flying from one flowering plant to another along their established paths or "trap-lines", seldom behaving territorially.

They are quite willing to help mob small owls.

They take nectar by hovering and reaching up with their bills into long-tubed flowers such as Centropogon, Fuchsia, and plants of the heath family.

They also catch flying insects by "helicoptering" in mid-air, glean insects off leaves, and join mixed feeding flocks.

Fairly common but local in wet mossy montane forest and forest borders in the Venezuelan Andes at altitudes from 1400 to 3200 meters (4600 to 10,500 feet).

Venezuelan Andes.


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