Gorgeted Puffleg 

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Eriocnemis isabellae

The Gorgeted Puffleg is a hummingbird species that was discovered in 2005, and confirmed as a new species to science in 2007.

It faces the risk of extinction, and therefore a status of Critically Endangered has been recommended.

It measures between 3.5 to 4 inches in length.

Males look quite dark, but has a glittering blue throat bordered on both sides by iridescent green as well as white leg puffs and a blue vent.

Females are mostly green with a buffy tinge to the underparts, faint whisker marks, and smaller leg puffs. They are similar to female Glowing Puffleg, but typically have a fainter throat patch and less buff on the neck.

Feed at flowering shrubs.

Cloud forest, around 2,600-2,900 m. The habitat is threatened by clearing forest for agriculture, especially coca farming.

Serranía del Pinche (Department of Cauca), in the West Andes.


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