Gray-Headed Chickadee

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Poecile Cinctus 

Gray-headed Chickadee

Adults have a grayish-brown cap, a small black bib, white face and grayish upperparts. The underparts are whitish with rusty flanks.

BILL: dark and short.

SIZE: measures about 5.5 inches in length, with a wingspan of 6.5 inches.

WEIGHT: weighs about 11 - 14.3 grams.

COLOR: gray, gray-brown, black and white.

Insects, insect larvae, spiders, seeds, and nuts. 

Stunted spruce forest, near treeline.

Subarctic Scandinavia and northern Asia, and also into North America in Alaska and the far northwest of Canada.

CALL: Similar to that of a Willow Tit "tsay tsay".

SONG: Eurasian species have a series of rapid "che-ow" notes. North American species isn't well known.

NEST: Nest is in a cavity in a tree, either natural or an old woodpecker hole. It is made of moss and lined with bits of soft decaying wood, lichens, moss, and animal hair.

EGGS: 6 - 9 eggs.

INCUBATION: 15 days, female.

They forage by clambering and flitting through the tree foliage in search of food. They may also fly out to grab insects from mid-air.

Gray-headed Chickadee Infographic





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