Great Barbet

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Megalaima virens

Great Barbet


The Great Barbet is the largest barbet species. It is colorful, but often appears all-dark from a distance.

It has a body length of 13 – 14 inches and a weight of 192 – 295 grams.

It has a blue head, large yellow bill, brown and green-streaked body, belly and a red vent.

The plumage is green.

The male's territorial call is a very loud "kay-oh".

The alarm is a harsh "keeab", and another call is a repetitive "piou-piou- piou-piou".

Diet consists mainly of fruits and insects.

Inhabits foremost forests up to 3,000- meter (9,800-feet) altitude.

It is a resident breeder in the lower-to- middle altitudes of the Himalayas, ranging across northern India, Nepal and Bhutan, Bangladesh and some parts of Southeast Asia, as far away as Laos.

It typically builds nests in tree holes.

Both male and female take care of the young.


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