Great Sapphirewing

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Pterophanes cyanopterus

Great Sapphirewing

The Great Sapphirewing is a huge, spectacular hummingbird species.

It is a very large hummingbird, about 6 – 7 inches in length and weighing about 10 grams.

It is one of the largest species of hummingbird, though slightly smaller than the Topaza Hummingbirds and the Giant Hummingbird.

Males are iridescent green above and blue-green below. Wings are long, blue to purple. Tail is long and forked, with a bronze wash. There is a small white post-ocular spot.

Females have a browner crown. They have less intense coloration in general, and have a rufous breast. Flanks have green speckles.

Feeds at flowers either from hover or perch. It is attracted to feeders.

Subtropical or tropical moist montane forest.

Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru.


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