Green-Backed Firecrown

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Sephanoides sephaniodes

Green-Backed Firecrown

The Green-Backed Firecrown is a species of hummingbird in the Trochilidae family, order Apodiformes.

It measures about 4.33 inches in length, with a wingspan of 2.36 inches.

It is a rather stocky hummingbird with a straight, sharply pointed bill, and a white spot behind the eye. It often looks simply dark and green overall.

The male’s “firecrown” rarely catches the light, but its forehead often looks rather bushy or plush.

The female has a green crown.

Young birds are sexually monochromatic, which makes it difficult to assign a sex to them.

Exploits various flowers for nectar, and is able to recall not only the nectar location among identical flowers but also to the location of the most rewarding nectar among less rewarding flowers.

Fairly common to common in woodlands, forests, gardens, matorral, and flowering hedges and bushes in farmland of lowlands and foothills.

Argentina and Chile.


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