Green-Crowned Woodnymph 

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Thalurania colombica fannyi

Green-Crowned Woodnymph

The Green-Crowned Woodnymph is a hummingbird in the family Trochilidae.

The taxonomy of this species is confusing. The AOU (American Ornithologists' Union) considers the Green-Crowned Woodnymph to be a subspecies of the Crowned Woodnymph, while other taxonomists split the species into two or more groups.

It is a small hummingbird about 4 inches long.

Males are green above with an iridescent green cap, throat, and breast. The rest of the underparts are deep iridescent blue. Tail is dark blue and forked.

Females have green upperparts and mostly gray underparts with green on the sides of the breast and belly. The tail is dusky-bluish and square with white tips.

Bill is slightly decurved and black.

Males are similar to the male Violet-bellied Hummingbird, but are distinguished by larger size, forked tail, and a slightly decurved and black bill.

Humid forest and tall second growth.

Eastern Panama, south through western Colombia (incl. Cauca Valley) and Ecuador, to far north-western Peru.


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