Green-Fronted Hummingbird 

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Leucolia viridifrons

The Green-Fronted Hummingbird is a species of hummingbird in the family Trochilidae.

This species was formerly placed in the genus Amazilia. A molecular phylogenetic study published in 2014 found that Amazilia was polyphyletic. In the revised classification to create monophyletic genera, the Green-Fronted Hummingbird was one of three species to be placed in the resurrected genus Leucolia.

Some taxonomic authorities (including the American Ornithological Society) consider the Cinnamon-Sided Hummingbird (Leucolia wagneri) conspecific.

There are 2 subspecies:

  • v.viridifrons: Southern Mexico (eastern Guerrero to western Oaxaca; winters from eastern Oaxaca to central Chiapas)
  • v.wagneri: Cinnamon-sided Hummingbird - Southern Mexico (central and south Oaxaca)

Two additional subspecies viridifrons, and wagneri are not generally recognized.

This hummingbird is about 4.72 inches.

They have a combination of bright white underparts and bright red bill with black tip.

Crown is blackish.

Diet consists of nectar and insects.

Dry or semi-dry pine-oak forests and scrub.

Mexico and western Guatemala.


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