Green Hermit

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Phaethornis guy

Green Hermit

The Green Hermit is a large hummingbird with long white-tipped central tail feathers.

It is 5.3 inches long and weighs 6.3 grams.

Males are mainly dark green with a blue- green rump. They have a dark mask through the eye, with buff stripes above and below this, and down the center of the throat.

Central feathers of the tapered tail are—for large hermit— relatively short and white-tipped, and are wiggled in display at the communal leks. Bill is reddish, long and decurved.

Females are sooty gray (rather than green) below, with an even longer bill and a much longer tail.

CALL: A loud “zurk”.

SONG: Males' lekking 'song' is a repeated “swark”.

Nectar, taken from a wide variety of flowers, and some small insects. Prefers flowers 30–50 mm long by 2–7 mm wide, though it will occasionally visit flowers up to 75 mm long and 20 mm wide or as short as 15 mm.

Inhabits forest undergrowth, usually near water, and prefers hilly areas. It seems to favor primary rainforest and wet premontane forest, and though it tolerates some amount of habitat destruction (e.g. subsistence farmland) it will try to avoid secondary forest as long as better habitat is available.

Found in Venezuela and Trinidad.

The female lays 1 egg in a conical nest suspended under a large leaf, usually over water. Incubation is 17–18 days, and fledging another 21 to 23 days.



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