Bird watching is a very interesting and captivating hobby. However, it is hard to go outdoors in the nature each time you feel like watching some birds. Additionally, when you are old and you can't travel long distances, you may see yourself forced to take only short walks around your block, where you may not encounter any birds. Some elderly persons are even stuck in their chair, unable to leave the house without help. For them, admiring the nature and the wildlife are impossible without a lot of effort and implication from their relatives. There is a solution to such problems: window feeder.

Window Feeder for Migratory Birds

You can buy and install a window feeder for migratory birds, even if you live in an apartment and not a house with a garden. Migratory birds are surely going to stop by your window to eat a little before flying to those faraway lands they've come from.

It’s true that a window feeder for migratory birds won't give you satisfaction all year round, as these birds are away half of the year. However, each spring, when they are going to come back home, you are going to be able to enjoy watching them as they stop to have a grain or two. Besides, they are going to stay for the whole warm season. These birds are smart, they are able to remember places where there's food, so they might return to you every day for a while.

All you need to do is install and load up your window feeder, grab a comfortable armchair, place it nearby the window and sit in it. The birds are going to come. When this happens, you have to make sure you don't move a lot, as this may frighten them. You can admire the beautiful cardinals, mockingbirds and other birds from the comfort of your home. If you want, you can install a tripod and a camera nearby the window and capture some amazing shots of those birds. You may need to have a remote on your camera, but that's not a problem today, as such technology is cheap and readily available.

The only thing to consider when installing the window feeder for migratory birds is to allow enough room for the birds to land. After all, you don't want them to get injured by flying into your window, so offer them a nice platform to land on. It's true that you may need to clean that surface each and every day, but this is going to be a minor drawback compared to the beauty of these birds brought right under your nose by this simple device. Besides, feeding the birds is a very nice gesture, it shows kindness and care for the environment and for the planet we live on. It feels good to do good, so we should all do it more often, whether we feed the birds or we help the wildlife thrive and survive in a habitat that becomes smaller and smaller every day. 

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