Picking out a great bird feeder to place around the exterior of your home is a nice place to start, however you will still need to look at the right type of bird seed to fill it with. Overall, you are going to find that there are a lot of different types of  bird seeds and bird mixes that you can buy on the market today. It may start to get overwhelming when you try to decide which one is going to be the best investment. Taking the time to look into your options in bird seed for specific birds will help you to know what mix you should be investing in.

The seed that is known for attracting the biggest variety of birds as well as being a great choice is the sunflower seed. You will also find that the worst choice is going to be a mixture that is inexpensive and loaded up with all sorts of fillers such as oats and red millet. The wasted seed from these inexpensive mixes can lead to a breeding ground for mold and bacteria that can build up and even harm your birds over time.

When you are shopping around, you will also see that there are two different types of sunflower seeds that you can buy, one being striped and the other being black oil. The black oil seeds are known for having thinner shells that are easier for all bird varieties to crack into. The kernels are also packed with a high fat content, which is a trait that is going to be extremely valuable if you life in an area that has a lot of winter birds. The striped sunflower seeds are known for having a harder shell to crack and can be difficult for blackbirds and house sparrows to get into.

There are a lot of people who either live in apartments or simply do not have the ability to pick up the shells of the seeds all the time that will go for shelled sunflower seeds instead. There are a lot of birds that love this, however you will find that squirrels and other animals are as well. Additionally, you will see that the lack of protection that comes along with the shell will sometimes lead to a breakdown of the shelled sunflower seeds that can cause bacteria. It is best to set up feedings so that you are not going to be leaving it out for anymore than a day or two at most.

If you are interested in bird seed for ground feeding birds, you can look into what is available for white millet. It can be scattered on the ground or placed in tray feeders that are low-set to the ground and easy for the birds to reach. If you are looking for a mix that a lot of pheasants, grosbeaks, grouse or even quails will eat, you will want to look for a bird seed that includes corn.

Whichever type of bird you are looking to have come around your home, you will see that researching the right bird seed options will help.

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