How to Attract Hummingbirds with a Blown Glass Hummingbird Feeder 

blown glass hummingbird feeder

Hummingbirds transform an ordinary yard into a natural wonder filled with song. An outdoor space filled with fluttering birds and glorious flowers is always more inviting. Learn about attracting hummingbirds with blown glass hummingbird feeders.

The Nature of the Hummingbird

Unlike many other birds, hummingbirds do not usually travel in flocks. However, when food is available, they will gather in large numbers. Flocks also become prominent during migration periods. When food sources are abundant, hummingbirds will congregate. Because hummingbirds are territorial in nature, they may get aggressive to get as much food as possible. While some birds might not get to feed, the greedy birds will use their stored energy being aggressive. The right feeding station will accommodate many birds and reduce disputes among them.

Use Blown Glass Hummingbird Feeders to Attract Birds

Discover the benefits of using blown glass hummingbird feeders to attract more hummingbirds into your yard. It's easy to set up feeders and watch the hummingbirds fly around the yard. Consider tips for setting up feeders to attract birds and minimize potential rivalries.

  • a blown glass feeder filled with nectar attracts hummingbirds because they need to feed almost continuously to feed their active lifestyles
  • put the feeders in a natural setting for the birds, near trees and flowers, and away from the direct sun
  • most feeders have a red top because this color draws the attention of hummingbirds; however, red dye in the nectar is unnecessary
  • invest in durable feeders and make sure they are filled with nectar at all times to be a reliable feeding source
  • display the feeders from the early spring to after fall migration
  • providing multiple feeding sources work best to attract more hummingbirds and minimize aggression.

Making Your Own Hummingbird Nectar For Your Feeders

The right nectar is sure to draw hungry hummingbirds to your yard. Fortunately, making your own hummingbird nectar requires two simple ingredients. Mix one part refined table sugar with four parts of water to create nectar that tastes like the stuff they get from flowers. Don't put artificial sweeteners or honey in the nectar, as they are not suitable for hummingbirds. Keep the feeders filled and make sure the nectar is never spoiled or discolored. Like us, hummingbirds prefer fresh food!

More Information About Maintaining the Feeders

Once you get the right feeding system and nectar, the hummingbirds will keep gathering in your yard. Make sure the to place feeders where you can see them from the windows of your house. Remember to maintain the feeders to keep the hummingbirds – and dedicated birdwatchers – happy.

  • choose feeders that separate easily for cleaning and use vinegar rather than bleach to clean them
  • keep bees out with a dish design feeder and eliminate ants with a moat
  • avoid overfilling the feeding reservoirs to keep the nectar fresh and reduce cleanup
  • make sure to provide water for the hummingbirds

The right blown glass hummingbird feeder will start attracting hummingbirds with some extra effort. Fresh nectar, red accents in the yard, and flowers and trees create an inviting habitat for hummingbirds. And you get the benefits of watching them in your own backyard!

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  • Beutiful Feeder! Thanks so much for this information. As we wait for hummingbirds to attract, how often should we replace nectar?


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