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No matter what the size of your outdoor area, you can invite beautiful hummingbirds to visit you by placing feeders out for them. While those with large yards certainly have more room than others to place these bright red feeders, you can hang them on balconies and even from hooks outside of your windows. This is, in fact, a great option for those who live in apartments!

These are very small birds and have a unique way of moving that has intrigued those in the aeronautical industry. While they can make the same typical forward flying motions as other species, they can also hover. This is a fascinating thing to behold and is the reason for the increased interest.

They are also among the smallest birds that you will see, although the exact size varies depending upon the species.
There are more than three hundred different species of hummingbirds that live in the Americas, and they are an important part of the ecosystem as they help to make certain that pollination is taking place.

Generally, the female hummingbirds are the ones who build and maintain a nest, not the males or a couple’s situation which may occur with other species. They use special types of materials that will provide a soft and expandable place for their eggs when hatched.

After the babies have hatched, the mother hummingbird will offer them regurgitated food. This is common for bird species, though the mother offerings are always consistent with the dietary needs of their own kind. Eventually, the babies will be able to fly and collect their own nectar but until then, the mother expends the majority of her energies on ensuring the survival of her youngsters.

In the majority of this type of bird, the females of a species are larger than the males. The smaller size allows the males to expend more energy on the mating rituals that are needed in order to secure the attention of a female bird. These can be quite complex and the smaller a bird is, the longer he can generate these moves and the more attractive he can appear while doing so.

Nectar is the primary food source that people think of with these birds and is the way that most people of attracting them. They do drink a great deal of nectar and are an important part of the pollination process for many of the plants they encounter. However, it does not provide all of the nutrition needed for them to live.

Insects and spiders round out the dietary needs of these tiny birds. These are an essential source of amino acids as well as vitamins and minerals that the bird needs for optimal health.

If you are interested in seeing the species that live or migrate where you live, hang nectar feeders in appropriate places to attract them. Make certain to keep the feeders clean and keep your eyes open for the little flying visitors.



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