The Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders

Squirrels may look cute and try to enchant you with their bushy tails and scampering, but they will clear out your bird feeders faster than you can blink your eye. Bird seed isn't cheap and if you don't want to spend a fortune buying seed over and over again, you need the best squirrel proof bird feeders to keep them out.

Squirrels are little acrobats and they can get into all sorts of positions to get at your expensive bird seed. You might find them dangling upside down on your feeder, frantically trying to paw out the seed. The best thing is if you can get the squirrels out of your garden altogether. It would be a smart idea when you use the best squirrel proof bird feeders to keep squirrels out.

They will dig up your new plants, eat your seeds and even chew on your trees. They are destructive and love nothing better than a new garden to destroy. If you love to garden, you are really going to want to get rid of the squirrels because they will eat your tomatoes, squash and other vegetables.

Some squirrels will rip out entire plants and leave them lying around and they will even dig in your containers and pots. Unfortunately, squirrels are hard to get rid of and they seem like they are everywhere. You will have to remove and protect what attracts them if you want to keep your bird feeders, your garden, and your sanity.

Cover up your garden beds with cages and there are special sprays you can spray on your flowers and vegetables that are safe but repel squirrels. Squirrels love nothing more than a bird feeder that is easy to access, so make sure that you only buy bird feeders that are squirrel proof. These feeders make it impossible for the squirrels to get in and access the bird food.

The squirrels will try all they want but they just can't get in there to get the seed. This type of bird feeder is the only way to really protect yourself against squirrels because they are just too excited about the bird seed to ever stop eating it. As long as you feed the birds, you will have to deal with them stealing the seeds.

Squirrels proliferate fast as well and before you know it, you could have squirrels making their nests in your roof so they have access to your bird seed all year round. You can find the best squirrel proof bird feeders online and they come in all different price ranges.

Each feeder will do a great job of keeping out the squirrels so you can enjoy your birds and save big money on your seed buying expenses. You don't want to pay to feed the squirrels, and this is what you will be doing if you let them take over your bird feeders. Squirrels are cute but they are also super destructive and they love to eat. Keep them out of your bird feeders by making them squirrel proof.

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