There are a lot of people who simply enjoy watching hummingbirds, as they fly around the outside of their home. Landing on flowers and flitting around the foliage. When you are looking to attract a lot more hummingbirds, you can add one or more decorative hummingbird feeders to your exterior. There are a lot of vendors who offer high quality hummingbird feeders.

These are not only beautiful decorative additions, but also provide a nice place for the hummingbirds in the local area to land and take advantage of the nourishment.

Unlike traditional feeders that distribute birdseed, hummingbirds require feeders that offer nectar. These feeders will have to be maintained and cleaned on a regular basis. To make sure that there is plenty of fresh liquid nectar that is free of bugs, build up and debris. Any nectar that ends up unused can start to turn into a thick syrup that, the hummingbirds do not enjoy and it can even be difficult to remove.

When you are looking for hummingbird feeders to suit these birds, it is going to be best that you look into one that is bound to be just as accessible to them as it is for you. This will mean having a feeder that is going to be easy for your to clean. So look for one that you can easily take apart for weekly cleanings or to refill with fresh nectar.
You will usually find that there are two different styles of hummingbird feeders that you can pick from. One is a gravity fed style and the other is a dish model. The gravity fed feeders have a chamber that rests above the feeder base.
Once you fill the chamber up with fresh nectar, the hummingbirds are able to drink the nectar as needed from the feeder ports. The dish style feeder is one that is generally flat or slightly oval where the nectar is kept in the bottom. The hummingbirds simply drink right from the dish, or the base, where the nectar is found.

Because ants and bees are often attracted to the nectar that hummingbirds enjoy, you will want to think about looking for a feeder that offers a barrier of some sort. In addition to ant deterrent measures, you can usually find feeders that will come with bee guards that rest over the feeding holes that work to interfere with their ability to reach the nectar inside.

While a perch is optional, you should know that you do not necessarily have to have one on your hummingbird feeder in order for them to enjoy it. Hummingbirds have the ability to quickly flit up to the feeder and eat on the fly. However, you may find that some of the hummingbirds will be more attracted to a perch so it may be a matter of feeling it out to see what the birds seem to like the best.

Once you have one or more hummingbird feeders set up, you are going to find that your yard will be filled with these tiny, yet amazing creatures that you can enjoy all season long.

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